Top 5 Best Biometric Shotgun Safes • [Ultimate 2024 Reviews]

For quick access to your shotgun, it doesn’t get much better than a biometric fingerprint lock. The keys to choosing the best biometric shotgun safe are to stick with the most reliable brands and to match your storage needs to the right safe. Plus, it’s important to consider the type of safe and the additional access methods you prefer.

In this guide, I share my five favorite models along with reviews of safe. Before the reviews, we’ll go over the most important specs of each safe to give you an idea of what’s available. Currently, there are some good affordable models and even a diesel biometric fireproof safe for ultimate security.

Safe Description
#1) Barska HQ800 Standard Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe
  • Material: 16-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Keypad, Manual Key
  • External Dimensions: 9.8” x 8.6” x 52.17″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: Up to 4 Shotguns
  • Model: AX12760
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Price: $
#2) Moutec Large Quick-Access Gun Safe
  • Material: 14-Gauge Carbon Steel Housing, 11-Gauge Door
  • Lock Type: Biometric, 4-Digit Keypad, Spare Key
  • External Dimensions: 15.7” x 11.8” x 57″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: 5 to 7 Long Guns
  • Model: New and Improved Biometric Fingprint Rifle
  • Weight: 108 lbs
  • Price: $$
#3) Steelwater Extreme Duty 2-Hour Fire Rated Gun Safe
  • Material: 9-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: X3 Biometric EMP-Proof Lock, Digital Keypad, Mechanical Key
  • External Dimensions: 30” x 24” x 59″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: 14 to 18 Long Guns
  • Model: HD593024-EMP
  • Weight: 765 lbs
  • Price: $$$$
#4) Barska Quick-Access Large Biometric Rifle Safe
  • Material: 16-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Manual Key
  • External Dimensions: 13.75” x 13.38” x 57″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: Up to 12 Shotguns
  • Model: AX11898
  • Weight: 114 lbs
  • Price: $$$
#5) Quicktec Quick-Access Large 5-Gun Safe
  • Material: Solid Steel
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Keypad, Manual Key
  • External Dimensions: 14” x 13.8” x 57.2″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: Up to 5 Shotguns
  • Model: Larger and Deeper Gun Safe
  • Weight: 89 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Price: $

Best Biometric Shotgun Safe Reviews

At the moment, biometric tech in long gun safes is still catching up to what’s currently available in the best pistol safes for home defense. One safe that I’m excited about that I’ll surely add to this list once it’s available is Verifi’s S7000 model. Unlike the models above, Verifi uses a more advanced type of fingerprint sensor known as an active capacitive sensor that’s FBI-certified. However, that doesn’t mean that the current top five models are inferior.

For the money, all five models in this guide are excellent choices. Also, if you want a safe with extreme security, Steelwater’s new X3 EMP-proof lock is a solid choice. So, with those thoughts, let’s get cooking with the reviews of each safe where you’ll also find the pros & cons to consider before making your decision.

#1) Barska HQ800 Standard Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe

Barska is currently my favorite manufacturer of budget biometric gun safes. The new HQ800 model or AX12760 is perfect for storing up to four shotguns safely in your home. With this safe, there are three access methods, including a biometric fingerprint sensor, a digital PIN pad, and manual key access.

The fingerprint sensor stores up to 120 fingerprints, which gives you more than enough space for yourself, your significant other, and/or additional family members. Plus, you have the option to program multiple fingers or multiple prints of the finger you plan to use most.

For California residents, this safe is listed on the CA DOJ website as an approved firearm safety device. Inside the safe, you’ll find a four-position shotgun rack with decent padding around the barrels and a removable accessory shelf at the top. One final feature I like is the optional silent mode for stealthy access at night.


  • One of the most reliable biometric locks you’ll find on a budget safe
  • 1-year warranty
  • Officially approved by the CA DOJ as a firearm safety device
  • Store up to 120 fingerprints with the option to store multiple scans of the same finger
  • Good security for the money
  • Easy to program and install (pre-drilled holes for easy mounting)
  • A silent mode for stealth nighttime access


  • You’ll probably find that the Moutec model is better for the money if you have more than 3-4 shotguns
  • The interior rack is minimal
  • No interior light

#2) Moutec Large Quick-Access Gun Safe

Moutec is another good bargain brand that’s a bit lesser-known than Barska, yet still a good outfit. When you look at all this model offers for the price, it’s probably the best biometric shotgun safe for the money on the market. As far as features, it offers just about the same features as Barska biometric safes, though, it’s roomier and doesn’t cost much more at the time of this writing.

Another reason to choose this model over Barska is the heavier steel used to craft the Moutec safe. Compared to Barska’s 16-gauge steel, Moutec beefed up the security with a 14-gauge steel body and an 11-gauge steel door. Again, for the money, it’s hard to find a biometric long gun safe that’s this cheap with 14-gauge steel and heavier.

Lastly, this safe features a lockbox at the top of the safe rather than a removable shelf. Plus, the door comes equipped with three locking bolts for enhanced pry resistance compared to the single main locking bolt on Barska’s AX12760. All in all, if you’re okay with choosing Moutec over Barska, this model undoubtedly gives you more bang for your buck.


  • Best value for the money of the five models in this guide
  • Beefed up steel and more locking bolts than Barska offers
  • An integrated lockbox for storing handguns, accessories, and ammo
  • Excellent customer service marks
  • The biometric scanner functions smoothly
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Silent access mode


  • You might notice minor quality control issues
  • The interior rack is about on par with Barska’s
  • Instructions could be clearer

#3) Steelwater HD593024-EMP Extreme Duty 2-Hour Fire Rated Gun Safe

Now for the most diesel safe of the five. If you’re in the market for a biometric fireproof gun safe, this is the one. Of all the 2-hour fire-rated gun safes currently on the market, Steelwater delivers the most features for the money. With the HD593024-EMP model, you have the option to upgrade to Steelwater’s X3 Biometric EMP Proof Lock, which is one of the few EMP-proof biometric locks for gun safes currently available.

In total, the X3 lock allows for up to 200 users or prints, making it a good choice for a wide variety of applications. Outside of the X3 lock, this safe is loaded with security features that go well beyond the other safes in this guide. For instance, this safe features a whopping twenty 1.5″ solid steel locking bolts, two re-locking devices, and an 8X size drill-resistant hard plate.

Additionally, this safe is a beast at over 750 lbs. Once you bolt it down, no one is running off with this safe with ease. Inside the safe, there’s an automatic interior light for clear nighttime access, customizable interior shelving, and enough room for 14 to 18 shotguns with accessories.


  • The highest level of security of the safes in this guide
  • 2-hour fire-rated at 1875°F
  • Included door organizer for storing additional valuables and handguns
  • Automatic interior lighting
  • Includes a UL Listed power supply with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB outlets
  • The best option in this guide for storing your valuables, important documents, and guns
  • A gear-driven bolt and lock system


  • It might be more than you need
  • The interior racks aren’t the most tactical design
  • Its weight makes it a bad choice for renters or anyone who plans to move the safe

#4) Barska AX11898 Quick-Access Large Biometric Rifle Safe

If you like Barska’s AX12760 model, but it’s too small for you, the AX11898 model is a good solution. For the most part, both models are built with the same materials, including 16-gauge steel. A couple of key differences between the two models – outside of the AX11898 being larger – are the number of locking bolts and access methods.

The AX11898 features a 5-point deadbolt locking system, while the AX12760 features a 3-point system. Also, the AX11898 does not have a digital PIN pad for keypad access. This is an important missing feature to consider if you like the idea of having keypad access as a backup to the biometric fingerprint scanner.

Finally, this model also features a silent mode for stealth nighttime access, and the keyhole is hidden behind the Barska logo. What I like is that the keyhole can only be accessed with an Allen wrench, which keeps the face of the safe looking clean with fingerprint access as the only available entry method to deter others from trying to open the safe.


  • The same reliable fingerprint sensor used on all Barska biometric safes
  • A silent mode to avoid annoying beeping sounds in emergency situations
  • Store up to 120 fingerprints
  • Concealed keyhole to thwart pick attacks
  • Includes three removable shelves and a removable pistol rack on the back of the door
  • All shelving is carpeted
  • Easily store 6 or more shotguns with 12 total slots


  • No optional keypad access, which means you must rely on the biometric sensor or access the concealed keyhole
  • The rifle slots could be wider
  • The door may not close with a full-size handgun in the pistol rack

#5) Quicktec Quick-Access Large 5-Gun Safe

The final model is another good budget option by Quicktec, and while it is good, this model should only be considered if the Barska and Moutec models are unavailable. Essentially, this safe is a variation of the Moutec safe. It’s about the same size, and it features three main locking bolts along with a lockbox on the top shelf.

One difference I did notice is the Moutec safe weighs about 20 more lbs, which tells me the Moutec model features heavier steel. Outside of those similarities, Quicktec’s safe gives you more than enough fingerprint storage with up to 125 prints, PIN access, and an optional silent mode.

All things considered, I like Moutec’s safe more than Quicktec’s, yet you may find that Quicktec’s safe is better for your needs than Barska models since Barska does charge more.


  • Three points of entry to ensure you never get locked out
  • 5-point deadbolt locking system for good pry resistance
  • Hidden keyhole
  • An integrated memory chip ensures you don’t lose your stored fingerprints after changing batteries
  • Internal lockbox
  • Good customer service


  • Programming your prints and code might be confusing at first
  • Lighter steel than Moutec offers
  • You might prefer sticking with the other brands

Bottom Line

Before choosing the best biometric shotgun safe for your home, be sure to consider how much you value security. Of the five models in this guide, Moutec is the top safe for people on a budget, while Steelwater delivers a lifetime and beyond of extreme security.

Of the brands featured in this guide, Barska is the most well-known for manufacturing a reliable biometric fingerprint lock that doesn’t cost a bundle. The only downside is the internal storage & organization featured in Barska’s models isn’t the best and might require customizations.

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