Top 5 Best Ford F150 Gun Safes [Console & Under-Seat]

Welcome Ford F-150 owners, I’ve put together a special guide for you today. In this article, I share my top five best Ford F150 gun safe picks along with some helpful tips to help you secure your firearms inside your truck. There are plenty of options here that cover all scenarios, ranging from under-seat storage to center console. Plus, there are options for you to store your long guns and/or handguns along with accessories and ammunition.

By the time you leave here today, you’ll be well on your way to securing your firearms inside your F-150 for safe transport. Additionally, California residents will find value here to comply with CA DOJ laws for Firearm Safety Devices.

Let’s start below with an overview of my top 5 picks before checking out the reviews of each safe. This way, you get an idea of what’s available to you before we take a closer look at each option.

Top 5 F150 Gun Safes

Safe Description
#1) Tuffy Ford F-Series Flow-Through Center Console Safe

Tuffy Ford F-Series Flow-Through Center Console Safe
  • Material: 16-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: 10 Tumbler Double Bitted Lock
  • External Dimensions: 11.625” x 14.5” x 8.5″ (WxDxH)
  • Capacity: Over 1,430 Cubic Inches
  • Model: 317
  • Weight: 9 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Price: $$
#2) Tuffy Ford F-Series SuperCrew Underseat Lockbox

Tuffy Ford F-Series SuperCrew Underseat Lockbox
  • Material: Welded 16-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: 10 Tumbler Double Bitted Lock
  • External Dimensions: 56” x 13” x 8″ (WxDxH)
  • Internal Dimensions: 55.875” x 12.875” x 7.875″ (WxDxH)
  • Model: 316
  • Weight: 54 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Price: $$$$
#3) Lock’er Down Console Safe

Lock'er Down Console Safe
  • Material: 12-Gauge Cold Rolled Plate Steel
  • Lock Type: 4-Digit Combination Lock
  • Override Key: No
  • External Dimensions: 11.25” x 14” x 7.25″ (WxDxH)
  • Model: LD2045
  • Weight: 12 lbs (Shipping Weight)
  • Price: $$$
#4) RPNB California DOJ Certified RFID Gun Safe

RPNB California DOJ Certified RFID Gun Safe
  • Material: 16-Gauge Carbon Steel
  • Lock Type: RFID, Keypad, Manual Key
  • Override Key: Yes
  • External Dimensions: 7″ x 11.02″ x 1.85″ (WxDxH)
  • Internal Dimensions: 6.88″ x 8.85″ x 1.81″ (WxDxH)
  • Model: RP1136
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Price: $
#5) Hornady Standard Lock Box

Hornady Large Security Lock Box 95200
  • Material: 16-Gauge Steel
  • Lock Type: Steel Barrel Lock
  • External Dimensions: 7” x 10” x 2″ (WxDxH) (XL)
  • Internal Dimensions: 6.75” x 9.75” x 1.75″ (WxDxH) (XL)
  • Model: 95200 (L), 95210 (XL)
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Price: $

Ford F150 Gun Safe Reviews

If you desire a custom fit, Tuffy and Lock’er Down are your two best options. However, if you’re a California resident, it’s important to note that these models are not officially CA DOJ approved. In the event an officer wants to search your vehicle and discovers the safe containing a firearm, it all comes down to the officer’s discretion. For the rest of us, these safes are excellent for center console and under-seat storage for long guns.

For universal under-seat storage, RPNB and Hornady both manufacture reliable, affordable safes. One advantage of this type of safe is that it doubles as a portable car safe. By using the included security cable or using your own, it’s easy to use these types of safes inside your car, home, or in a hotel room while traveling on the road.

Now, let’s go over the reviews to make your final decision that much easier.

#1) Tuffy Ford F-Series Flow-Through Center Console Safe

Tuffy’s current center console safe for F-Series trucks fits models 2015 and newer. If you own a compatible model, this is the ideal choice for non-CA residents. Tuffy car safes are made in the USA and packed full of design features you’ll find useful. First, the 16-gauge steel body is about standard for high-security vehicle gun safes.

Second, the box features a pry-guard locking system with 1/8″ welded steel components for enhanced security. Third, the 10-tumbler double-bitted lock is more secure than the barrel key locks found on most budget gun safes. After security comes several convenience features that I like. The door features a support arm to keep the lid propped open while you access the safe.

Next, there’s no need to do any drilling during installation since everything is fitted for an F150. The entire installation takes most folks about 10 to 20 minutes. Once installed, you still have full use of the factory accessory tray, armrest, and lid. Also, the safe itself looks factory-installed. Lastly, this safe gives you more than enough room to store your handguns and accessories, unlike smaller lock box options.


  • Made in the USA
  • Allows for full use of existing console components
  • Better protection against pick attacks than barrel keyholes
  • Appears factory-installed
  • More spacious than smaller under-seat pistol boxes
  • No drilling or modifications required for installation
  • Durable powder-coat finish


  • Not California DOJ approved
  • No interior light
  • No interior foam lining to keep your firearms from shifting

#2) Tuffy Ford F-Series SuperCrew Underseat Lockbox

For F150 SuperCrew owners who are looking for the best under-seat long gun safe, this is it. Similar to the Tuffy model above, the 316 under-seat safe features heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, double-bitted key access, Tuffy’s pry-guard locking system, and weather seals. Additionally, there’s Tuffy’s Pin-Lock hinge system w/ an integrated lid stop for added convenience & security.

One feature I really like is the split-door cover that allows you to access the safe from either side of your truck. In total, there’s enough space for three long guns with accessories and maybe four max without accessories. Another huge advantage of this safe is how well it fits below the seat. Once you install it, no one will even know it’s there without lifting the seat.

A couple of final highlights are the mounting system that allows for easy removal of the safe without tools, easy installation with no drilling required, and the chamfered corners to ensure there’s no interference with the passenger seat releases. Overall, this steel box is far superior to plastic storage containers, and the weather-resistant features ensure that it survives all seasons.


  • Made in the USA
  • No-tools-required removal
  • The weatherproof design stands the test of time and seals out moisture & dust
  • Fits three long guns comfortably
  • Stealthy design
  • Easily access it from either side of your truck
  • Over 4500 cubic inches of storage space
  • Easy installation with 13mm ratchet
  • Excellent customer service marks


  • Not California DOJ approved
  • The possibility of a thief running off with the entire safe
  • When installed with an existing mat, the passenger seats may sit higher

#3) Lock’er Down LD2045 Console Safe

If you prefer a combo lock over a keyed lock, Lock’er Down’s LD2045 is an excellent center console safe for Ford trucks. The LD2045 fits F150, Super Duty, and Expedition models ranging from 2015 and up. Compared to Tuffy’s safes, the LD2045 is built with heavier duty steel at 12-gauge compared to 16, and that explains the higher price. Also, this safe provides better protection against drill attacks than the Tuffy models.

In addition to drill-resistant locks, you also get pry resistance with the 3-point locking system. Outside of security features, I like that this safe installs easily in just about 10 minutes, and the counterbalanced spring-assisted door is a nice touch for added convenience.

One consideration to make when choosing between this model and Tuffy’s 317 console safe regards pick resistance. I like that the LD2045 doesn’t feature a keyhole while Tuffy’s 317 does. Lastly, Lock’er Down console safes are made in the USA in Texas and come backed by a lifetime warranty. How’s that for peace of mind?


  • Made in the USA in Texas
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Heavier 12-gauge steel than the other safes in this guide
  • No backup key access equals no lock picking
  • Spring-assisted door hinge for clean access to your firearm
  • Easy 10-minute installation
  • Snug fit with no rattling issues
  • The large door makes it easy to store large items and full-size handguns
  • Top-notch customer service
  • USB port access from outside and inside the safe


  • Pricier than Tuffy’s center console safe
  • Not listed on the CA DOJ website
  • Small numbers on the lock

#4) RPNB RP1136 California DOJ Certified RFID Gun Safe

RPNB’s RP1136 pistol box is my favorite quick-access under-seat gun safe for the money. Compared to Hornady’s RFID pistol boxes, the RP1136 costs considerably less and gets the job done. Unlike the first three options, this safe is not specifically made for Ford trucks, which gives you more installation options.

Depending on where you want to install it, there’s the option to choose between mounting it or connecting it to under-seat hardware with the included security cable. If you choose to mount it, you’ll have to drill your own holes since there are no pre-drilled holes in the base. For the quickest access, mounting it to the outside of the center console and using a gun magnet to secure your pistol gives you lightning-fast access when accessing the safe by RFID.

The safe includes two programmable RFID key fobs that you simply hold up to the safe to open it. In addition to RFID, there’s a backlit 3-digit keypad and backup key access. A couple of final features I like are that it’s easy to move this safe between your vehicle and home by using the included security cable, and the interior crate foam keeps your gun safely in place while you’re on the road.


  • Gives you the most bang for your buck of the models in this guide
  • The quickest access of the models in this guide with RFID
  • Listed on the official CA DOJ website as an approved Firearm Safety Device
  • Seamless body for good pry resistance
  • It’s easy to hide beneath a car seat and completely out of view
  • Backlit keypad for easy nighttime access
  • Interior crate foam secures your pistol
  • Sturdy construction yet lightweight
  • Easy to program


  • Limited capacity
  • No rubber on the exterior for slip resistance (skateboard grip tape is a good solution)
  • The keyhole is prone to pick attacks

#5) Hornady Standard Lock Box

Hornady’s Standard Lock Box is currently available in Large (95200) and X-Large (95210) sizes. The Large size fits most 4″ barrel pistols and some 4″ revolvers, while the X-Large size fits most 4″ revolvers. In addition to the Standard Lock Box options, there’s Hornady’s Alpha Elite Lock Box. However, considering the Alpha Elite box costs about as much as RPNB’s RP1136 at the time of this writing, I’d stick with RPNB’s RP1136 or Hornady’s Standard models.

As far as price and security, Hornady’s Standard models are the cheapest F150 gun safes in this guide and also the least secure. Before choosing this model, keep in mind that it’s more of a get-the-job-done vehicle gun safe than a high-security lockbox. Having said that, the good news is that it’s California DOJ approved and mighty easy to use with zero reliance on battery power.

The main drawback is that it uses a barrel key, and barrel keyholes are notoriously easy to pick. The best way to use this safe is to secure it to under-seat hardware using the included 1,500lb rated security cable and completely out of view. Considering most thieves are in a hurry, there’s a slim chance they’ll stick around to pick the lock, and they may not even see it if it’s completely concealed beneath your seat.


  • One of the cheapest California DOJ approved vehicle gun safes on the market
  • Its low-profile design makes it easy to slide beneath an F150 seat
  • Ample interior foam to protect your handgun
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Includes a 1,500lb rated 4 ft security cable
  • Includes 2 keys in case you lose one
  • Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction for a budget price
  • Hornady’s patented space-saver cable receiver provides a solid connection point
  • Good pry resistance for a cheap pistol vault
  • Fits a 5″ Sig with accessories and two 21-round mags (Alpha Elite model)


  • Prone to pick attacks
  • Not the smoothest barrel key operation

Bottom Line

When choosing the best Ford F150 gun safe always consider your state’s carry laws before making your final decision. Outside of California, most gun owners will want to stick with Tuffy and Lock’er Down console and under-seat safes for the cleanest installations that offer the most storage space.

If all you desire is a simple F150 gun vault to store beneath your seat to comply with your state’s laws, then the RPNB RP1136 and Hornady Standard Lock Boxes are all great affordable options. All three models include a security cable to ensure there’s no need to purchase any additional accessories upon arrival.

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